Review-Cynthia Rogan

10377072_10202508801775407_3518036838802020187_n.jpgCynthia Rogan

“At first, I was hesitant to work with an artist I’d never met, but Ann read my vision of the cover and gave me exactly what I’d asked for. On top of that, she seemed to sense the mood I was hoping for. When she finished, the cover was beautiful. And then, I realized it looked too young for the story. I was very upset. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I explained that I needed the cover to attract older readers. Ann figured it out almost immediately. Using the cover she’d already designed plus some information she found in the blurb I’d submitted, she was able to come up with the perfect cover. I love it!

 I wish I’d known about her years ago. I can hardly wait to work with her again. Now all I have to do is finish the next book.”

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Review-Poulomi Sanyal

Final_2719.jpg Poulomi Sanyal 

” I worked with Anelia on the cover of my latest novel “Though Warriors: The Coming of Kalki”.

 I had heard about her from a friend and I loved what I saw on her website, so I decided to commission this project to her. I was absolutely delighted that I did. Anelia deftly translated my vision into reality with incredible speed and professionalism, offering multiple revisions and edits as and when I needed them. Her services are also quite affordable, which is a very important concern to a lot of authors who seek to be profitable with their writing.

 All in all, working with her was a wonderful experience and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone else looking for a stellar graphic design service.”

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Review-Anthony L. Kelly

review anthony kelly.jpgAnthony L. Kelly

Professional will not suffice in the case of Miss Anelia Savova. In working with her on two book covers, aside to her undeniable kindness, she was absolutely willing the please the client. There was never a sense of doubt on my part. She’s phenomenal, a God sent.

I’d recommend this professional to anyone who’s serious about whatever message they’re trying to convey. Thank you again, Miss Ann.”   

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